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Registration for doctors in Australia


Doctors who wish to work in Australia must gain professional registration from a state medical board. Different pathways to professional registration for doctors in Australia are available to junior doctors and specialist doctors.

MediRecruit Doctor provides visa and registration support as part of its medical recruitment services for doctors who wish to work in Australia.

Registration for junior doctors in Australia

Professional registration for doctors in Australia at a junior level is available via the Competent Authority Pathway (CAP) or the Standard Pathway.

  • Competent Authority Pathway

To gain professional registration in Australia, international medical graduates from accredited competent authorities (Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK and the US) can apply for Advanced Standing towards the Australian Medical Council certificate. Workplace-based assessment is required for general registration, instead of the Australian Medical Council Multiple Choice Questionnaire or Australian Medical Council clinical examinations.

  • Standard Pathway

To gain professional registration in Australia, international medical graduates at a junior level who are NOT elibible for the Competent Authority Pathway mush follow the Standard Pathway. Doctors who follow the Standard Pathway will need to pass the Australian Medical Council Multiple Choice Questionnaire before they are eligible to work as a doctor in Australia.

Professional registration for specialists in Australia

Specialists can gain professional registration to work as doctors in Australia via the Specialist or the Area of Need assessment pathway.

Specialist medical colleges coordinate the education, training and examination of medical specialists in Australia. These colleges are involved with providing international medical graduates with professional registration to work as doctors in Australia through the Specialist or Area of Need pathway.

  • Specialist assessment pathway (for full recognition as a specialist doctor in Australia)

To work as a specialist in Australia, international medical graduates must apply under the Specialist assessment category to have their qualifications, skills and experience compared against the Australian standard of fellowship for specialist doctors.

Specialist medical colleges will determine whether a doctor's experience and qualifications are: fully comparable to an Australian trained specialist of that college; partially comparable and at the level of an Australian trained advanced trainee doctor, requiring further training/supervised practice and assessment to be regarded as fully comparable; or not comparable and needing to progress through the Standard or Competent Authority Pathway to general registration, then progress on to specialist training in the relevant discipline.

  • Area of Need assessment pathway

The Area of Need assessment pathway centres on a particular job, in a location in which there is a lack of medical practitioners, or in which there are medical positions that remain unfilled. In the Area of Need category, the relevant college assesses whether an applicant, who must be the preferred candidate for the position, can adequately perform the role that is available.

*MediRecruit Doctor currently has various Area of Need positions available to doctors who wish to gain medical registration in Australia.

  • For General Practitioners

The Specialist assessment category of professional registration in Australia also encompasses general practice.  General Practitioners need a Medicare Provider Number (MPN) to bill private patients in Australia. As an overseas trained doctor, the only way to receive a MPN is to work in a District of Workforce Shortage. In this situation of District of Workforce Shortage, doctors receive a restricted MPN, limiting the locations of work to Districts of Workforce Shortage. Access to an unrestricted MPN is available to overseas trained doctors after 10 years. This can be reduced to five years for overseas trained doctors in particular state and territory programs.

For detailed information on professional registration for doctors in Australia, doctors should contact us